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IRC Chat: https://cyberguerrilla.org/

Discord Chats:

https://discord.gg/XSUA56Y – Anonymous Foundation

https://discord.gg/zGZUGSQ – OpStopACTA http://www.stopacta2.org/

https://discord.gg/e6sGavQ – Helping activists, hacktivists and journalists incarcerated or being persecuted:  http://opfreeanons.com

https://discord.gg/GjJUg8B – Indigenous First Nations Anonymous Op. http://indigenous.icu

https://discord.gg/TmGM4ee Nature Defenders – animal lovers, ecologist, activists. Objective to protect life, the animals, the Earth. Supporter of the Animal Liberation Front and Sea Shepherd.

https://discord.gg/WKVkjMp – Anonymous Op, Marijuana legalization

Anonymous Operations & Anonymous Chatroom discord hub: https://discord.gg/sGDqN39

You are able to join Anonymous chats directly from Anon Op websites, eg: http://ophomeless.com

Anonymous Operation chatroom for #StopACTA2

Anonymous Balkans, Anonymous general chat and Anonymous operations: https://discord.gg/uQdh3Ef

Anonymous Bakersfiled USA – Anonymous Chat & various different Anonymous Operations.  Recommended even if you are not local or from USA.  https://discord.gg/4FZwa2J

Anonymous Operations, Anonymous chatroom for:  #OpSafeWinter and #OpHomeless https://discord.gg/uQdh3Ef

Various Anon Ops, general / serious and trolling chat.  https://discord.gg/BfufxyE


Non Anonymous Chats – Technical

To be added…


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