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#Anonymous: Massive attacks against Gabon government.


Anonymous launched massive cyberattacks against Gabon government Websites. We do not tolerate oppresive and unjust governments. Dictatorship and oppresive governments around the world needs to all fall. They are all our target. We are coming for you! More than 70 (gouv.ga) have been #Downed. All their servers and mail systems were offline. The websites are available only in Gabon now. They should have expected us!

We are . We are Legion. We do not forgive oppresive and unjust governments. We do not forget. The oppresive and criminals governments, the evil corporations, the pedophiles, the terrorists, the corrupt banks and institutions should have expected us!

Websites #Offline: https://hastebin.com/manupehose.php

#Anonymous #OpGabon #FuckDictators #DeleteTheElite #Anonymous2018 #MMM2018

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