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This page is temporary, it will be replaced early this year (2019) with a directory listing Anonymous and related sites, with ability for sites to be added.

Some websites from the Anonymous collective (no particular order):

http://anonymous.place You’re already here! A site pulling in information from other Anonymous websites and youtube channels (under httdevelopment)

http://anonymous.support  Anonymous Operation Support website, currently supporting #OpSafeWinter along with http://ophomeless.com

http://anonymous.foundation   A project to help fundraise money for Anonymous Operations, OpHomeless, OpfreeAnons, OpPaperstorm.  Fundraising is transparent. Criticisms are invited to ensure sustainability.

http://opfreeanons.com   http://freeanons.org        http://hacktic.info   Helping journalists, activists, hacktivists who are incarcerated or being persecuted for their actions of either exposing the truth or a process of attempting to make our world a better place.

http://anonymousbitesback.com    Anonymous Worldwide, the home of Anonymous Bites Back, show featuring Anonymous and related topics as well as different guest speakers.

http://anonymousworldwide.com  Coming soon, for now website shows the Anonymous Bites Back episodes.

http://www.cyberguerrilla.org   and   http://www.cyberguerrilla.info   Anonymous Nexus.  Blogs, IRC, Anonymous Operations.

http://anonynet.cf  Anonymous Operation News website, a nice site detailing Anonymous Operation News.

http://www.millionmaskmarch.site  One of many MMM sites which will be detailed here.

http://www.anonymous.gratis/nic/  and http://anonymous.biz  Free domain names and hosting for everyone.

http://anonymousvideo.stream  Previously a project started by Anonymous Foundation, Anonymous Germany will be taking over this project.

http://anon.info  Temporary website, development will continue.

http://indigenous.icu   Anonymous Operation for indigenous peoples.

http://weareanonymous.news  Anonymous News Website

http://iamanonymous.com   Previously served as a proxy, vpn, Anonymous News Website, it is changing into a decentralised platform with various nodes.  Site under constant development, public viewing will see only Anonymous collective and related news.

http://anon.news  New news website being developed.

http://operationpaperstorm.org  To help facilitate operation paperstorm.

Know of an Anonymous website not listed here?  Let us know, we wish to build a directory of both Anonymous and Anonymous related websites.
Temporary page – directory will come soon.