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Hacker Breaches Dozens of Sites, Puts 127 Million New Records Up for Sale


[Image: data_breach-2017-image-13424.jpg]

             Another massive data breach; the personal information of over 620 million online accounts from 16 websites was put up for sale on the Dark-Web, and this was followed by a second round of stolen information, this time numbering 127 million online accounts from an additional 8 websites. 

      Last week, a news-outlet for information security received an email from a hacker who goes by the handle ‘gnosticplayers’ and allegedly is Pakistani, claimed he breached more than several websites, and took the information and posted it online. He placed them at no less than 20,000 in BitCoin. The information was allegedly put up for sale on the Dark Web marketplace ‘Dream Market.’

      Soon after, this list would be taken down and replaced by another, this set stolen from 8 more websites, priced at 14,500 in BTC. This list, like the first one, was soon taken down after some time, and no further lists have been posted. The hacker who was interviewed, stated that most of the websites that he breached, didn’t even know they had been compromised, and only a few of those websites have reached out to comment. 

      Original article can be found here.

       That was the news folks, have a good week, and stay safe out there. 

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