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TAILS (OS) can’t connect to the internet (wired).


So, I've got a desktop PC connected to the internet through ethernet cable, no modem in my flat whatsoever, just cable, going from the wall and into my PC, so I cannot restart anything myself without calling my ISP (I mean modem/router restart). It's a broadband connection (or dial-up, with username and a password to access the internet). I boot from USB with the latest TAILS on it, open my Network settings and I see "Wired: connected", IPv4 address and all the other stuff listed perfectly, BUT NO INTERNET CONNECTION THOUGH, no any automatic TOR starting that kind of stuff…TOR is not ready, says the system, when I try to launch it manually. At the TAILS startup, I did not touch "disable MAC spoofing", coz it contradicts the TAILS idea itself to disable it. OK, I open settings for the wired connection, of course all the magic must be in the Security tab, and I see: 802.1x Security is OFF, I enable it (coz I have a dial-up and need to manually insert my username and a password). Now I have different Authentication options: MD5 PWD, TLS, FAST, PEAP, tunneled TLS. Tryed almost every one of them – none of them works. You just see the permanent "Connecting"..and that's all. Tryed adding more profiles, of course with the same various settings in it – NOTHING, NO INTERNET. btw, clock in my TAILS interface is perfectly synched. btw_2, when I insert username/pass and click "Apply" and then later reopen my settings for this connection profile, the password field is empty..Is it meant to be so? Any ideas folks? Would highly appreciate any help. Trying this OS for the first time.

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