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An Idea

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An idea

An idea has been in my mind for some time now. Seeing how people are trying to fistfuck the Internet with ACTA, PIPA, SOPA and the like, I feel the urge to express it. It is not a complete solution and it is entierely possible that someone else has had this idea before, but it is a start.

I propose AnoLAN, a software that manages selective and automatic sharing of information through wireless LAN.

In our times wireless LAN has become a very common form of communication, so common in fact that the more densely populated areas of our planet are quickly becoming covered with overlapping wireless networks while a lot of people are carrying mobile phones that are capable of connecting to these networks. With the following set of rules it could be possible to turn these mobile phones into devices capable of automatic and selective information exchange:

1. There is a local drive/folder/file called ShareSpace with a capacity selectable by the user, in which files that shall openly be shared will be placed.
2. Each file placed in ShareSpace must be small enough to be transmitted via wireless LAN within a few seconds (Watergate.txt is ok, is not).
3. For each file in ShareSpace the following information must exist: one or more tags describing its content(i.e. #text, #news, #political, …), a hash of the file (i.e. md5, sha256, …), the date of its placement in ShareSpace and the number of times it has been transmitted.
4. The user is able to enter a list of tags that will be preferred while transmitting and a list of tags that will be blocked.
5. Wireless LAN will be turned on at all times, alternating between offering an unencrypted wireless network and scanning the environment for exactly these networks.
6. Once an open unencrypted network has been found, a point-to-point connection between the offering and the scanning device is established.
7. The two devices exchange complete lists containing the tags present in their respective ShareSpace.
8. Each device chooses a tag from the list of its counterpart at random. Preferred tags and tags that do not yet exist in a devices own ShareSpace have a higher chance of being chosen than any other tag. Blocked tags are never chosen.
9. Each device creates a list of hashes of its own files that match the chosen tag.
10. The two devices exchange their chosen tag along with the list of hashes.
11. Each device starts transmitting files from their own ShareSpace to the other device that match the received tag and do not match any of the listed hashes (i.e. every file that the other wants and doesn’t have already).
12. If the connection does not break down on its own, it is severed after a short period of time (~ a minute).
13. Each device changes its MAC Address to a new random one.
14. Files in ShareSpace that have not finished transferring are deleted.
15. If the capacity of ShareSpace is about be be exceeded, files that have been transferred at least once and have been in ShareSpace for some time (selectable by user) are deleted as well to free up space.
16. Back to 5.

This could be implemented for stationary devices with a bigger capacity as well, allowing them to exchange information with mobile phones or even other stationary devices if the grid grows dense enough.

-Worms, Trojans, Virii and Spam will bloom like flowers in spring.
-You can easily misuse tags and file childpr0n under #governmentleaks
-Traps are easily laid. Imagine a siren going off if an AnoLAN instance is identified within a public building.
-Will only work in areas with a dense enough population.

-You are your own provider.
-No censorship apart from the user choosing to not receive files with certain tags.
-Tracing files back to their origin is nearly impossible.

My hope is that this idea will be discussed, improved upon and maybe even implemented by people that have more time and skill at their hands than I do. For the future of free information.

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From pastebin, December 2012


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