Million Mask March 2015, Singapore


Dear citizens of Singapore,

We are Anonymous, We are Singaporeans, reason we are writing is to explain where there we didn’t have any large scale movement today. But firstly I would like to address The Messiah. Though 5th of November wasn’t a success we will still be cheering on for you, for what you stand for, what you believe in and most importantly why you are doing what you are doing. Secondly to the people who doubt of The Messiah’s ways, yes I agree there are probably better approaches but think about it. Nowadays are our government really listening? Do they take the very same MRT the citizens take to work daily? Do they take the busses daily? Will the government really understand what is happening on the field? You be the judge of that. Thirdly to the people who do are reading this hoping something would happen or to those who said that nothing was going to happen, let me explain.

Firstly, yes some might see small groups of Anonymous in mask or just gathering, they are out there by their own free will and we hope there will be no legal issues that will affect them.

Secondly I would like to express how irresponsible how AOTWH Singapore Project is for creating an event page and later not following up, not responding to our enquiries, for not applying the paperwork and most importantly disappointing the Anonymous Community.

Thirdly, when we tried to secure a permit we were informed that we couldn’t book Speakers corner for whatever reason I was not told informed of.

Fourth, even without a permit we couldn’t meet up in attire and mask in larger numbers, so we didn’t see a point if only a few anonymous shows up, and yes you might say a little goes a long way, next time we will be prepared. Expect us.
Fifth, we Anonymous are a NON-VIOLENT movement and we will not go against the law in order to put a point across. That is the main point to why we didn’t go on with the Million Mark March.
The Anonymous movement is here to help. Not harm.

Lastly I would like to sign off saying that, Messiah your message will not be in vain and to the people of Singapore, don’t wait till when your freedom is taken away then you start complaining.

We are Anonymous,
We are Legion,
We do not forgive,
We do not forget,
The Corrupt Fear us,
The Heroic Join us,
Expect us.

A woman wears a Guy Fawkes mask similar to the ones used during the illegal Million Mask March in Singapore. Photo: Reuters


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