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Operation Greenway is a project to create a new nation for citizens of the world or a constitution to use in a constitutional convention for the impending [new] revolution in America, or elsewhere.

Greenway is a micro-nation started by Ghost Liberty, originally as a goal to buy land and start a government so that Ghost would be free to grow all the cannabis they desired and make their living off of it. It eventually evolved into a project for either secession, cession or annexation, or to build an island in the southern Atlantic ocean. The green in Greenway comes not only from the legal cannabis but from green practices and [non-exclusively] state sector renewable/sustainable industry. Greenway is an open-source government, where transparency is demanded from the government. This is an anonymous operation by, of, and for citizens of the world, to create a better government we might actually be able to depend upon doing the right thing.

The project originally started in 2012, when Ghost Liberty was thinking to themself how they could make all of their money growing cannabis. Cannabis is still illegal in much of the USA where Ghost Liberty lives. He thought to himself that owning their own island would work and began doing research. They could not claim that the law of the nation whose land they were occupying was null and void, the laws of the nation who really owns the island would apply and they could not grow pot. What if they were to create their own country? Ghost did the research and settled on a massive amending of the United States constitution to be the best template for making the laws of the new nation. That is what started Greenway.

As to where the land was for the nation, they couldn’t find anywhere to put the Greenway. They decided on a seamount in the southern Atlantic ocean near South America for a seasteading operation that would incorporate oceanic platforms, and using electro-mineral accumulation along with dredging to form an artificial island. This component of the project is called Atlantis. There are also plans to claim some of Antarctica and the moon as well as mars.

Greenway is a 6th world micro-nation, meaning that it exists in cyberterra and therefore under the Montevideo convention, is a defacto nation, though it currently has no other territory secured.

The current goal is to use OpenSimulator as a meeting place which is all hosted on I2P to erect the cesidian territories on the internet.

Greenway is a micro-nation project for an artificial island or seastead in the southern Atlantic ocean, with plans to become a fully recognized macro-nation someday. Greenway is a liberal social democratic republic. It is based on the United States historically and is itself mostly a compilation of amendments integrated to the USA constitution at this moment.

Greenway has a treasury fully reserved in Silver, Copper, Cannabis, and Greencash (A fork of Monero). We used to use a single note called the Greenback which was backed fully in the commodities+cryptocurrency which the treasury is fully reserved in, through periodic pegging at the time of minting; Now we use an individual representative note for each money type, respectively called the Silverback, Copperback, Cannaback, and Greenback, which are all periodically pegged to a fixed value of money for each centized and dollarized unit of currency.

All drugs have been legalized in Greenway, similar to Portugal decriminalization but enabling everybody to posses personal amounts and to apply for licenses from the state to manufacture and sell them.

The right to self-security, self-defense, and keeping and bearing arms is assured in Greenway. The most liberal laws in the world exist for self-security, self-defense, and firearms in Greenway, enabling anybody to defend themself from attack and everybody eighteen or older to bear a diversity or armaments, ammunitions and armors, or known collectively together as arms.

The peoples right to vote is expanded over America’s, with a direct alternative vote system and with explicit term limits for all positions in the constitutional government.

Greenway is currently a 6th world micro-nation, and a cesidian cyber territory. The more people get involved, the more likely we can reach our goals. Currently, Greenway has a claim on a seamount in the south Atlantic ocean.

The government is in the preliminary stages of development and the project is still young. Please do email Ghost Liberty at ghostliberty(at)protonmail(dot)com and contribute to Operation Greenway. Anybody wanting to help, please email me.

Ghost liberty is the first Greenway citizen. He heads the sub-reddit “Ghosts_of_Liberty” @ https://www.reddit.com/r/Ghosts_of_Liberty/

You can help us make guaranteed progress by getting involved, resulting in a better outcome for the project. Because Operation Greenway is still new, we are in great need of people to get involved by reading the draft documents (including the constitution) on our website and providing feedback (VIA email), participating in our chatroom, as well as people pledging citizenship. Like any nation, Greenway needs citizens. The more people who get involved with the project, the better.

Get people involved in talking about the Greenway to their friends and share.
Get people to read the draft Greenway constitution.
Suggest amendments and structural reform to the constitution.
Establish an internet presence with a website and cybernation in OpenSimulator.
Get community together to donate for seastead and artificial island creation.
Set up seastead in southern Atlantic ocean and create artificial island/s.

Goals include:
Establishing online presence.
Getting a community established.
Establish sources of funding, including crowdfunding.
Claim territory.
Establish Greenway.
Have first election.

We need help from people, including:
Political, economic, and anthropologist researchers and professors, as well as world historians who can help us reach the peak of human progress and prosperity, and to prevent the repeating of history.
Website coders and web server administrators (coding skills required include but are not limited to: html5, java/script, c++, openGL and python); please understand that we will need these skills provided in a rough order, such as needing HTML5 coders before we have java/scrip-ers, we need C++ before openGL (or at the same time), after we have a website that can provide the programs directly to the users, and python coding will come after we have a website to offer the applets from.
People with technical experience in etherpad, diffchecker, and git-hub styled systems. We also need somebody who can create databases that we will use with Searx engine.
People with technical experience using TOR and I2P. Also people who understand and can setup a minimally difficult to use SFTP and Tahoe-LAFS system over both of these anonymity networks.
People with technical experience using opensimulator, and is capable of re-programming it’s sourcecode, so that there can be produced a [distributed] virtual meeting place, hosted and accessed on a TOR and/or I2P, to erect the “‘cesidian’ territories” on the internet.

What help is needed:
We need people to read the constitution and propose amendments.
We need people to spread the word and the founding documents including the constitution.
We need petitions to Congress written for a constitutional convention to be called and try to establish some or all of Operation Greenway’s constitutional upgrades, for the purpose of forming them into a new United States constitution, a “Constitution of the Re-united Union of American States”.
We need people to brainstorm with Ghost Liberty about what direction to take the project.

Please submit to me your written application of citizenship, and sign with a 64-char hexadecimal key you generate, which will be used as a seed in your identification papers [which will be issued at a later time]. You can use Defuse Passgen https://defuse.ca/passgen.htm to generate the key, though you are not limited to this option.

Details needed for application of citizenship:

Please email the following in a clearly marked way, to:

(Your real)

Full name at birth
Date of birth
Current street Address
Town of birth
Current town
Providence or State of birth
Current providence or State
Current region/zip Code
Country of birth
Current country
Current phone number
Current email address
64-character random hexadecimal key as a signature to your application (applicants are encouraged to use https://defuse.ca/passgen.htm)

Also preferred to be included below this information is a brief reason why you would like to join Operation Greenway’s nationstate and also your availability to assist with the project.

Please, keep your submitted application on record in a safe place, as we may need you to refer to it at another point in time

Greenway territory claims:

seastead and artificial land
lat 31° 0’55.95″S
long 35°31’37.95″W

?state? ‘luna’
lat 14° 3’18.05″S
long 93° 4’27.59″W

project ares
mars bio-domes
lat 85°57’8.23″S
long 101°29’28.64″E

We have removed the donation section from the original text, since we do not want to be ‘anonymous begging for donations’. We just want to say, that the project will eventually need some money to get off the ground and steady floating. For now, generous people have been offering their assistance to make sure this project does not die from malnourishment.

We would like to thank Jim Scott for inviting us to this website and allowing us to have a spot on it for this operation.

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Visit our website!:

Visit our discord!:

View the current public copy of the “New declaration of independence”:

View the current public copy of the “Draft constitution of Greenway”:


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