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WATCH: Will Argentina’s ‘green tide’ on abortion rights spread throughout Latin America?


Argentina’s historic legalization of abortion in December 2020 triggered a wave of debates on reproductive rights across Latin America. Will Argentina’s “green tide” spread throughout the region, bringing legal and attitudinal changes regarding abortion?

This lively Spanish-language discussion on these issues, moderated by Global Voices’ Latin America editor Melissa Vida, was live-streamed on March 9 and featured:

  • Anette Eklund, translator and content creator, journalist, professor, activist and advocate for linguistic democracy and human rights; also a Global Voices contributor.
  • Vienna Herrera, multimedia reporter with the Honduras news outlet Contracorriente, focused on issues of gender, sexual and reproductive rights, extractivism, environment and power structures; also a member of the team of the project “Land of Resistants,” a finalist for the Premio Gabo 2020.
  • Gabriela Mesones Rojo, Venezuelan journalist specializing in gender and human rights, editorial coordinator of Caracas Chronicles and Cinco8; also a contributor and researcher on Global Voices’ Civic Media Observatory.
  • Giselle Carino, Argentine political scientist and activist, CEO of IPPFRHO (International Planned Parenthood Federation, Western Hemisphere Region), a growing feminist and progressive ecosystem of 26 local partner organizations, mostly from the South. Giselle’s mission is to be a change agent and high-impact leader driving change toward gender equality throughout the global South.

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