What is the plan?



To understand The Plan and the purpose it serves, it is best to first acquaint yourself with Anonymous. The question is not who is Anonymous, for we are all brothers and sisters of one single idea. The question is what is Anonymous. Anonymous is a collective of people across the world who, despite their common differences in opinion and beliefs, unite under one common desire for true freedom and a world rid of oppression.

While some may think that being Anonymous requires concealing one’s identity, this is simply not the case. Identity matters not to a member of Anonymous. While some who practice online activist acts (hacktivism), certainly desire to keep their true identity secret for security purposes, others whom you will find in this community understand that who they are does not matter so much as what they stand for. In Anonymous there are no leaders, no figure-heads, no designated spokesmen…as each of us are all of these things in our own right. We have taken the initiative to rise to the occasion and stand firm against the oppressive and destructive forces that have laid waste to our world and raped our way of life.

In this community you may witness a some disagreements, perhaps the occasional argument, after all we are only human. But one thing you will notice as a common and shared goal: freedom and a desire for change. In this we practice the ways of a hive-mind. Each of us contributing ideas and information and the masses acting upon it, all in simultaneous fashion. As the community grows, so does our ability to reach others and one thing is certain, Anonymous cannot be stopped. For while we are all individuals in our own right, the idea of Anonymous is unstoppable.


“The Plan” is a 1 year, 3 phase process to organize and rally the masses for the cause of freedom. A better world is the objective, free of corporate rule via a corrupted system. Free of tyrannical and oppressive governments violating the rights of the people.

The Plan is simple: educate yourself and better your own quality of life as you spread the message of freedom and hope for a better world to the masses. Rally the support of others and help not only yourself, but the masses free themselves from the constraints of a corrupted system and live a more quality life.

Each phase will explain the progress and current focus as they are initiated. Phase 1 will begin on approximately June 15th, 2011. Phase 2 will be an expansion and escalation of Phase 1 with a much more collective focus, while Phase 3 will bring the masses of The Plan to action across the globe. The people will be heard.

Many have asked why the Phases are not disclosed upfront. The answer is quite honestly this: while the basis of The Plan is structured and drawn out, nothing is set in stone. Plans can be remedied and added to as the community grows and ideas are shared for the future of The Plan. This entire movement is dependent on the community and the progress/contributions of each individual member. While we are weak as individuals, as a whole we are a force to be reckoned with. And this will only increase as time passes and The Plan begins to take hold



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